Expert Instruction from Around the World

Workshops and Seminars are a perfect opportunity to learn specialized skills in a short amount of time. Our workshops are open to the general public - no previous experience necessary - or we can schedule private workshops for groups, businesses and corporations, or organizations.

In addition to frequently hosting expert instructors from around the world for special seminars at our facility, we also offer our own seminars and corporate workshops led by the Academy itself.

Topics range from basic self-defense skills, weapon defenses, first aid, women's self-defense, and more. Attendees get hands-on training under the guidance of our expert instructors.

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Fitness and Self-Defense workshops for businesses are an excellent opportunity to improve the health and fitness of employees while building teamwork and learning essential self-defense skills. The health and safety of your team is important, and giving them self-defense training will keep them safe in the office or out on the road, and help them function seamlessly as a team. Fitness workshops are also available to focus solely on team building and leadership skills through physical and mental challenges.

If you are a martial arts or self-defense school and wish to expand your student's experience and skills, we can travel to your school for seminars in specific arts or skills. We are available to teach seminars for your students on more narrow topics such as blade defense tactics or striking mechanics, or more broad topics such as training in Silek Harimau Minangkabau or Jeet Kune Do.

Our Facility

Private seminars and workshops can be hosted in our gym which serves the West Chester, Mason, and Greater Cincinnati region.


We can also host private workshops in Cincinnati at our partner gym, Swift Movement Studio.

We'll Come To You

Want us to come to you? No problem! Our instructors can travel and bring the necessary equipment to your location for maximum convenience.

Scheduling a workshop for your business or organization is easy - and can be held at our facility in the West Chester - Mason area, at Swift Movement Studio in Cincinnati, or at your school, business, or place of operations. Let us know more about you in the form below and we'll be in touch to discuss the details.

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