Is Your Teen Able To Protect Themselves?

Teen Self-Defense Classes at the Wik Academy of Martial Arts in Cincinnati

A parent's worst nightmare is something happening to their child when they are unable to be there to protect them. It's crucial for teens to learn how to defend themselves so they can stay safe no matter where they are. Teen Self-Defense classes prepare your young adult from physical threats as well as teaches them situational awareness and verbal tactics to avoid and de-escalate dangerous situations.

Teens learn how to identify, assess, and escape dangerous situations while developing the skills to defend themselves if necessary. Classes cover a variety of situations and scenarios that teens may encounter in order to make sure the student can be both confident and capable if faced with an uncomfortable or threatening encounter.

Instill Self-Confidence with Self-Defense

High school is a crucial time in a young adult's life for developing self-confidence, respect, discipline, and healthy habits. Learning discipline and respect through continual practice and self-confidence through skill acquisition prepares teens for the road ahead. Prepare them not only for self-defense situations but also to lead a healthy, happy, successful life.

The Teen Self-Defense classes transition seamlessly into the adult classes, so students can continue even after they turn 18.

No contracts - just month-to-month. Add a second or third teen for 50% off.

Easy to get started - teens only need a uniform shirt and a pair of gloves to start.

Healthy, Fun Stress Relief - with boxing and striking drills.

Instill A Love of Fitness - each class is a fun and excellent workout. Develop a love of being active and enjoy a lifetime of good health and being in shape.

First class is free - no pressure, no commitments. Just schedule a time to come in and be prepared to have fun. Just wear a comfortable t-shirt and loose gym pants or shorts. Parents are welcome to stay and watch classes.

Equipment Requirements: Uniform Shirt, Gloves

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