Comprehensive Self-Defense & Martial Arts

Self-Defense Classes at the Wik Academy of Martial Arts in Cincinnati

Whether you are a realtor getting ready to show a home, an office worker leaving late through a dark parking garage, or a traveler walking back to your hotel in a new city, knowing how to defend yourself in a variety of situations is an essential skill. The Wik Academy of Martial Arts offers multiple arts for a comprehensive personal protection program and is one of the most expansive martial arts curriculums in West Chester, Mason, and Greater Cincinnati. Students learn everything from empty-hand self-defense, to ground fighting, firearm disarming and retention, defense with and against knives and other bladed weapons, impact weapons, and much more.

Our no-fluff approach will teach you everything you need to know to protect yourself quickly without wasting your time. Students learn skills from the ground up so anyone can learn self-defense from our classes, no matter what shape you're in. Experience, athletic ability, and fitness are not required but will increase as a result of training.

Membership is not restricted by art - you can take whatever classes you want each week, although we advise you try multiple and then stick with the ones you like most. Click here to view descriptions of individual arts.

Multiple classes every week - come whenever your schedule allows.

On-boarding for new members - get a single hour or two 30-minute private lessons when you sign up for classes to learn all the basics so you won't feel lost in class.

Self-defense for everyone - men and women of all ages, fitness abilities, and experience levels are welcome in our adult martial arts classes. Teen classes are optimal for boys and girls ages 13-18.

Your first two classes are free - there are absolutely no commitments. Click the 'Get Started' button below to get in touch. We'll discuss your goals to help you work out the best plan to get to where you want to be, and then you can try the classes that are best for you.

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