Individual Attention For Individual Goals

Personal Training at the Wik Academy is the fastest and most effective way to reach your health and fitness goals. Certified Personal Trainers keep up with nutrition and exercise science so you don't have to, and so you don't waste your time with junk-science and fads. We have both male and female trainers ready to schedule sessions.

Whether you want to shred fat, build muscle, look better naked, or improve your athletic ability, our trainers utilize a variety of equipment and methods to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. Depending on your goals, we'll use boxing equipment, free weights, plyo-boxes, agility equipment, and calisthenics.

Our trainers understand what it's like to be out-of-shape and the struggles and uphill battles that lie ahead. We'll be with you through every step, guiding and encouraging you.

More than Just Workouts

Exercise is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to good health and being in shape but it's not the only piece. Without the others, you won't have the whole picture.

Nutrition, motivation, and accountability are key parts of getting in shape. Without them, a fitness plan will fail. We don't want you to fail. We create both workout and nutritional plans customized just for you and follow up with weekly motivation and check-ins.

  • 30-60 minutes per session: pick the amount that is right for you and your schedule.
  • No expensive gym fee: only pay for the time spent training.
  • Nutrition Consulting: Don't leave out half of the equasion.
  • Daily Check-Ins: Accountability and support every day.
  • One-On-One or Private Small Group: Get training just for yourself or with a friend.
  • No contracts: buy individual sessions or get 10% off when you buy in packs.
  • Customized Plans: Crush Your Goals with a plan tailored just to you.
  • Schedule a free consultation to see if personal training is right for you. We'll discuss your goals and needs and help you choose the path that is right for you.

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