Another Wing Chun seminar is in the books! Thank you again to Sifu Raja for coming all this way to train with us, and thank you to everyone who could join us. Can't wait to do it again!

We hope to have Sifu Raja in again soon for another Wing Chun seminar, so if you missed this one don't worry! There will be another opportunity before too long.

This seminar was an in-depth look at the Wing Chun fundamentals and concepts, and how they look in practice. It was a great opportunity for new students as well as seasoned students!

Don't forget to check out Sifu Raja's school at

New to Wing Chun? It's a fighting art from Southern China that emphasizes efficiency and speed. Students learn how to use their body structure and positioning to defeat a bigger, stronger opponent. It's also the first art that Bruce Lee learned! Visit our Wing Chun page to learn more about the art and our classes.

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