The majority of our equipment is en route and we'll be officially starting the move-in process tomorrow! That means one step closer to getting our classes started. We're still looking at an early October grand opening but we won't be able to get a definite date until we start moving in - there's always the chance for extra unexpected work we won't know about until we can get our hands dirty.

In the meantime, we've finished up our About page which has a listing of everything we'll be teaching, where we'll be located, and an explanation of all the different parts of the Wik Academy of Martial Arts seal.

We'll be finishing up the individual information pages for each art soon.

We've also got our online store ready to go where you can order extra school uniforms and other things. All of our students get a uniform and a pair of gloves when they start up, but I've set up the online store so that students can get additional ones, sandals for when they're off the mat, or other apparel they may want. Right now we've got uniforms, sweatshirts, mugs, water bottles, stickers, and some other things available. You can go take a look at the store here.

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