Maha Guru Richard Crabbe DeBordes will be coming to the Academy March 19th and 20th to teach a special seminar on Hanafi lineage Silek Harimau Minangkabau. He will be instructing in both empty hand and cane techniques.

In addition to being a world authority on Silek Harimau Minangkabau Maha Guru DeBordes has taught and acted as an adviser to many special forces groups and police tactical teams, and has also acted in a capacity as a presidential security aide for the Republic of Ghana.

Pre-registration cost is $140 for two days and $75 for a single day. Day of seminar pricing for those who don't pre-register will be $150 for two days and $80 for a single day. For anyone testing for rank with Maha Guru DeBordes there is an additional $50 testing fee.

The seminar itself will be from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday March 19th and 20th.

To pre-register please click here.

You can see Maha Guru DeBordes in action in this video from a seminar held in Moscow:

If you have any questions about the seminar, feel free to contact the Academy at 513-760-5553. You can also view the Facebook event page for the seminar by clicking here.

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