Ready to Become the Best Version of Yourself?

Self-defense and fitness training at our school goes far beyond just learning how to protect yourself and getting fit. Those are important elements, but there are countless other ways in which martial arts and fitness can help you unleash your potential every day. Your self-discipline, focus, and confidence will skyrocket. You'll feel more energetic and be ready to take on new challenges. You'll also do all this while becoming a part of friendly, supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Joining is easy. No long-term contracts ever. All new memberships come with a free 1-hour (or two 30-minute) private on-boarding lesson which prepares all new students for training and teaches them the very basics so they don't feel completely lost jumping into classes.

Not sure if it's right for you? Schedule a free consultation and we can chat about your goals and help you choose the path that's best for you. Your first two classes are 100% free, no commitments. We guarantee you'll love training with us, and are so confident you'll have a great time we want you to come in and find out for yourself at no cost.

Pick the Plan that's Right For You

Our pricing for classes, personal training, and private lessons varies depending on how often you want to come. Our Fitness Membership is ideal for those only looking to get a great workout in any one of our fitness classes. Our Self-Defense Membership is great for those looking to take a few classes a week learning self-defense or who want to learn but have a busy schedule. For people looking to excel in both fitness and self-defense, we have our Unlimited Membership which allows members to come to any class as often as they wish.

Take Any Art, Or Every Art

Our Self-Defense and Unlimited memberships allow you to take any of our self-defense/martial arts classes so you are never locked into any particular art.

No Contracts, No Long Term Commitments

To make things as easy as possible for our members, our memberships are month-to-month only. If you ever need to change, cancel, or pause your membership for any reason just let us know. No penalties, no worries.

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Group Class Pricing

Pick the Plan That's Right For You

Joining our group classes is the easiest way to get started. Our pricing is straightforward and there are never any long-term contracts. Our Self Defense and Unlimited membership levels also include a complimentary 1-hour (or two 30-minute) private on-boarding lesson to give you a head start so you won't be lost in class. Startup packages vary by membership level and art. All of our equipment is 15% off for your first month.

Don't want a membership? Drop in to any of our classes for $20 per class. Buy Drop-In Class Credits now.

All of our equipment is available in our online store as well as at the academy. See an instructor to get your 15% discount during your first month.

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Personal Training

Simple Pricing, No Hidden Fees

Training with us puts you at a distinct advantage - you get a Certified Personal Trainer with access to boxing and kickboxing equipment and gym equipment without the gym fee. Rather than pay for both the gym and the trainer, why not just pay for one?

Schedule your free consultation now

30-minute and small group pricing is available, contact us for details.

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Private Martial Arts Lessons

Supercharge Your Training

For those looking to accelerate their training, get individualized feedback, or specialize in one art, private martial arts lessons are the best and fastest way to accomplish your goals.

30-minute and small group pricing is available, contact us for details.

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Discounts apply to all classes, personal training, and private martial arts lessons unless otherwise noted.

  • 10% for Current & former Military, First Responders, & Law Enforcement.
  • 10% for College Students.
  • 10% for Additional family members (on same plan.)
  • Refer a friend and you both get $5 off every month for as long as they are a member (Membership packages only, limit 4 members).
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