How do I Get Started?

We recommend everyone starts out by trying a class or two first to make sure it's the right fit for you. Contact us and let's discuss your interests and goals, and from there we can recommend specific classes for you to try. All trial classes are 100% complimentary. If personal training is what you are looking for, we can schedule a complimentary session with you to discuss your goals and any special considerations, give you a brief tour of our facility, and make sure if training with us is right for you.

I've never learned Martial Arts or Self-Defense Before, Will I Fit In?

All experience levels are welcome in our classes. You'll train with other beginners as well as intermediate and advanced level students. Instructors and advanced students will always support and assist beginner students in their journey.

I Have A Busy Schedule, What If I Miss A Class?

There are no penalties for missing class, but in order to benefit the most from our programs we highly recommend coming at least twice every week.

Do You Have A Minimum Required Age?

Our Teen Self-Defense Classes have a minimum age of 13 years-old. Schedule a time to chat with us if interested. Our adult self-defense classes have a minimum age of 18 years-old, and our fitness classes have a minimum age of 16 years-old.

What Equipment Do I Need?

For our fitness classes you'll only need gym clothes, clean gym-only shoes if you don't want to go barefoot or in socks, and a pair of MMA gloves, which you can purchase through us.

We require and provide a uniform shirt and MMA gloves at a minimum in our Self-Defense classes, although for advanced students and certain arts we do recommend other specific equipment. You can ask an instructor or check the page for that particular art for more details.

All of our equipment can be purchased online via our store and picked up in class. All of our equipment is 15% off for your first month - you will need to see an instructor to get this discount. Aside from the uniform shirt, we do not require you to purchase equipment through us however it does help us ensure quality. We currently can offer Century and Revgear equipment and highly recommend their products.

What Can I Expect To Do In Classes?

Each class is a little bit different. In our fitness classes we generally start with a mobility warm up, move in to the main workout which will work your endurance and strength, and close with a flexibility cool-down. Self-Defense classes may include work with focus mitts, Thai pads, heavy bags, drills, hands-on partner work, sparring and more.

Do I Need To Be In Shape for Self-Defense Classes?

Absolutely not! Our classes are accessible for everyone although participation will definitely provide a workout. We scale everything to each student's ability individually - while we will always challenge you enough to grow we will never force you to attempt something you're not ready for or capable of.

I Don't Have A Gun nor Carry A Knife, Why Should I Learn Weapons?

If you are ever attacked the possibility that the attacker will have a weapon is very high. In order to understand how to defend against a weapon you first need to understand how to attack with one. Studying all aspects of attacks will make you better at defending yourself.

Do I Have to Commit to a Long Term Contract?

Nope. We do believe in the importance of committing to your training long term, but unlike some martial arts schools we don't force you to be locked in for a year of classes or anything like that. All of our memberships are paid month-to-month and can be canceled any time. We do require all members to have a card or ACH account on file as we don't take cash, but there will never be any penalties or fees for terminating your membership.

When Do You Have Women's Self-Defense Workshops?

Our public Women's Self-Defense Workshops generally run twice a year in spring and in fall. If you are interested in learning and don't want to wait, you are welcome to jump in to our regular classes, schedule private one-on-one or group lessons or, for businesses and organizations, schedule a private Women's Self-Defense workshop for your company.