• Duration: 60 minutes
  • Skill Level: All
  • Calorie Burn: 200-300
  • Open Hand Self-Defense, as well as some Weapon Defenses.
  • Striking, Trapping, Sensitivity Drills & Technique Practice.
  • A Mixture of Traditional Forms and Modern Training Practices.
  • Sparring & Stress Testing for Higher Level Students.
  • Minimal Equipment Required to Begin: Uniform Shirt, MMA Gloves, & a Positive Attitude.

Scientific, Functional Self-Defense: Wing Chun

Wing Chun Kung Fu at the Wik Academy of Martial Arts and Self-Defense Cincinnati

Wing Chun Gong Fu (詠春功夫) is a traditional style of gong fu from Southern China that emphasizes the use of body structure and positioning to help smaller, potentially weaker fighters defeat a larger aggressor. Leverage, reflex-speed, and tactile sensitivity are utilized in close range to quickly dispatch an attacker while expending the least amount of time and energy possible.

Wing Chun excels in close-range fighting and teaches students how to flow with the opponent and use their energy against them, instead of opposing them head-on in a direct strength contest.

Though it originates in the Qing Dynasty era in the late 1800s the focus on efficient, effective movements over more flashy or acrobatic ones makes it a practical and effective street self-defense art to this day.

Our Wing Chun classes follow the traditional nature of the art while recognizing that the situations one encounters in modern self-defense situations have changed since the art’s development. Unlike some Wing Chun schools we train in defenses against attacks coming from a variety of arts like boxing, Jiujitsu, or Muay Thai and not just attacks from other Wing Chun practitioners.

Class Format

In an average class students can expect to spend some time working on the traditional forms or wooden dummy sets, engaging in two-person drills, practicing sensitivity exercises such as chi sau, learning and applying specific defense techniques, and at more advanced levels performing light contact sparring.

For students interested in testing, we regularly hold seminars with instructors of the Francis Fong Instructor Association, headed by Sifu Francis Fong who was taught by Sifu Jiu Wan. Sifu Jiu Wan trained alongside Yip Man under Sifu Chan Wah-Shun at the Jing Mo Guen in Foshan and later with Yip Man in Hong Kong. While we do not currently directly promote in Wing Chun at the academy, students who are interested can speak to instructors who can help them pursue ranking and membership within the Francis Fong Association.